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What should you do after a chemical peel?

After a chemical peel, it's important to follow certain post-treatment care instructions to promote healing and minimize the risk of complications. Here are some general guidelines to follow:

  1. Avoid exposure to direct sunlight and wear a broad-spectrum sunscreen with at least SPF 30 every day. This will help protect your skin from harmful UV rays and minimize the risk of pigmentation changes.
  2. Avoid using certain skincare products or treatments for at least a few days after the peel, including retinoids, alpha-hydroxy acids, and other exfoliants. Your skincare professional or dermatologist will provide specific instructions on what to avoid and for how long.
  3. Keep your skin moisturized to promote healing and prevent dryness or flaking. Your skincare professional or dermatologist may recommend a specific moisturizer or provide other post-treatment care instructions.
  4. Avoid picking at or scratching your skin, as this can increase the risk of scarring or infection.
  5. Avoid strenuous exercise or activities that cause excessive sweating for at least 48 hours after the peel.

Follow any other specific post-treatment care instructions provided by your skincare professional or dermatologist, such as using a specific cleanser or toner.

By following these post-treatment care instructions, you can help ensure the best possible results from your chemical peel and minimize the risk of complications.

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