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How can I repair damaged hair?

Use a deep conditioning treatment or hair mask regularly to help moisturize and repair damaged hair.

Avoid using heat styling tools as much as possible, or use a heat protectant product when you do use them. Avoid using harsh hair care products, such as those that contain alcohol, sulfates, and fragrances. Consider using a leave-in conditioner to help protect your hair from further damage. Avoid tight hairstyles, such as ponytails and cornrows, which can cause damage to your hair. Trim your hair regularly to remove split ends and prevent further damage.

Use a wide-toothed Neem wooden comb or brush when styling your hair, and be gentle when detangling your hair. Avoid using hot water when washing your hair, and instead use lukewarm or cool water. Eat a healthy diet that is rich in nutrients, particularly proteins, which are important for hair health. If your hair is severely damaged, you may want to consider getting a haircut to remove any split ends or damaged hair.

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